As a childhood back-pain-sufferer, from a family of back pain sufferers, Matts interest in how the body works started from an early age. A keen athlete, Matt particular enjoyed martial arts as a child, and ultimately spent four months in China at age 18 training martial arts and meditation full time. This experience greatly deepened his body awareness and the relationship between the body, the mind, and health, and sparked his interest in the scientific explanations behind his experiences.

Matts initial introduction to Osteopathy was as a patient, for a back pain complaint while working as a Stone Masons Labourer age 20. The detailed assessment, and effectiveness of the intervention inspired Matt to start his training and start his career as a pain, injury and rehabilitation specialist.

Matt trained at the British School of Osteopathy (now ‘University College Osteopathy’), and then at Oxford Brookes University. He has worked in clinics in Oxford, the Caribbean, and London, where he has learned from some of the UK’s top MSK professionals, and treated a wide range of patients: from the elderly; busy City of London workers; tradesmen; and professional and ex-professional athletes. He is passionate about taking a pragmatic, evidence informed approach to his patients - using a mixture of hands-on, exercise and even mind-based interventions as suitable for each individual.

Outside of work Matt is an avid reader and podcast consumer. He does calisthenic, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weight lifting, and hill walking; he plays a few instruments and is currently working on becoming bi-lingual.