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Based in Derby, Matt is an experienced Osteopath with a Masters Degree in Osteopathy from Oxford Brookes University: a musculoskeletal pain, injury, and rehabilitation specialist. He prides himself on his friendly, professional, and evidence based approach to managing a wide variety of complaints including:

  • Back, neck and other spinal pains

  • Hip, shoulder, knee and other joint pains

  • Sports injuries

  • Overuse injuries such as golfers and tennis elbow

  • Headaches

  • Muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries

  • Pain and stiffness related to Osteoarthritis

  • Whiplash and associated complaints

  • Chronic pain

  • Strength and mobility issues

Both manual therapy (‘hands on’ treatment), and exercise and movement based interventions can play an important role in resolving or managing pain and disability. Matt has a modern, pragmatic, evidence informed approach to helping people reach their goals, using a range of modalities to best suit each individual. As an Osteopath Matt is trained in triage - so if you require the specialist care of another professional, he will be able to help you find the most appropriate care.

Matt is an Associated Practitioner with the charity Arthritis Action - working closely with members to help them move, and feel better.

Matt is registered with AXA PPP, Aviva, Simply Health and Vitality Health insurance companies. Please let us know when booking if you intend to use your health insurance.

All Osteopaths are registered and regulated by the General Osteopathic Council.

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Clinical Appointments

Matt is available in clinic for appointments at:

Central Osteopaths
70 Nottingham Road, Spondon
DE21 7NL

To book an appointment with Matt at Central Osteopaths call:

0800 6444 201

About Backs & Bones
506 Duffield Road, Allestree
DE22 2DL

To book an appointment with Matt at About Backs & Bones call:

01332 553332

The Osteopathy Centre
15a Market Place, Cromford

To book at appointment with Matt at The Osteopathy Centre call:

01629 822223

Or if you have any questions for Matt specifically email:


Went to see Matt after a year of suffering from what I had been told was a rotator cuff injury. Prior to this I had seen a GP and Sports Physio and all to no avail, the issue persisted. I love sport and having limited overhead movement of my right arm was proving extremely frustrating. A full assessment was completed and at the end Matt advised that the issue was actually my neck and the initial treatment would be quite painful. At this stage I could tolerate anything! The issue was as a result of a trapped or “pinched” nerve in my neck and after this one visit I had full movement back in my right arm and have had no issues ever since. It was incredible! I would definitely recommend Matt. He took the time to listen and fully assess and without that treatment I would have gone down a very different route and most likely be still suffering today.
— Annette
After 12 years in the military, and 30 years playing rugby my body has taken a beating. Aches turned into pains, and niggles into injuries and eventually I felt I had to stop most of the sport that I loved. I couldn’t squat without pain, I couldn’t run without pain, even looking over my shoulder to drive was difficult. Matts help has been incredible. He took the time and attention to really listen to my complaints, and to find patterns that I hadn’t even spotted. Through all kinds of pushing, pulling twisting (who knew fingers could be so strong!) my body feels much lighter and freer. We have found ways of adapting my gym routine and now I am squatting in the gym again, and with the exercises he has shown me I can feel myself improving week on week. It took a lot of work but I feel 20 years younger, and although I may never have the body of 20 year old, I feel at home again in my body. THANKS MATT
— Shaun
Finally plucked up the courage to attend after suffering for years with neck and back pain. I felt quite apprehensive about the first osteopath appointment but needless to say all my anxieties and concerns were certainly relieved after my first consultation with Matt. Matt’s up to date knowledge and understanding is second to none, which enabled my expected lengthy recovery to be shortened and pain was relieved after my first appointment! Not only has Matt advised me on neck/back pain but also the importance of maintaining hydration, the impact of stress on the body and lots more. I can’t recommend the service enough, my only regret is that I didn’t pluck up the courage earlier.
— Kara
I have been a sprinter and semi professional footballer since I was a young man, but the service and knowledgeable advice that I received during approximately 6 sessions with Matt, after undergoing a meniscus cartilage operation, was extremely helpful, informative and professional. Matt Penman, my Osteopath is also a very good communicator and motivator, setting realistic and achievable targets whilst at the same time pushing to achieve real progress, helping me on the road to recovery.
— Andrew
I suffered from chronic lower back pain for 7 years. It got progressively worse. Until I woke every morning with pain. Finally I decided to do something about it. Matt Penman diagnosed the problem on my first visit. He gave me some simple exercises to do every day. About 10 minutes. Fast forward about 2 months, and three visits: my pain is a small memory, an echo. Transformative. Thanks Matt! You’re knowledge and skill made an enormous difference to my life! I couldn’t ask for more. Never give up. Don’t accept the pain. In many cases, like mine, it can be fixed!
— Ian


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